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Creating Snippets in Dreamweaver CS5

Snippets in Dreamweaver are an excellent way of reusing a certain piece of code that you find yourself using constantly, over and over again, without having to manually retype it or copy and paste it.  I find myself using it in my own line of work quite often, when developing exercises for courses. Continue Reading »


Load Times and What They Mean for SEO

Last week, Google came out of its winter cocoon to reveal their new spring makeover. If you’ve been paying attention, however, you’ll know that more has changed in Google recently than just their interface. Within the past month, Google announced a big change: the inclusion of a site’s load time as a contributing factor to site ranking and indexing. Unlike a new look, though, this change will have a profound impact on SEO. Continue Reading »


How to Link to a Tweet

Did you know that on Twitter you can view and also link to individual tweets? Just click on the timestamp of any tweet and you’ll be taken to a separate page that only shows that single tweet. You can also grab its URL for linking purposes. Here’s a 30 second Cantasia video on how to do it.

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