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Total Twitter Follower Value: A Formula for Calculating the Value of your Twitter Followers

As of this morning, Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki) has 223,631 followers (including me). With that many followers, wouldn’t it be great if you could get Guy to follow you? On the face of it, it seems like it would lend a lot of credibility to your account and if you could get his attention, he might retweet one of your tweets to all of his followers!  Now wouldn’t that be awesome! Continue Reading »


5 Quick Twitter Tips for Newbies

  1. Create your profile with an image.  Nobody follows people who look like one of these:
    Default Twavatar
  2. Create a Twitter background.
  3. Provide links.  For example, don’t just tweet “Adobe CS5 will be release soon!  Yay!”  Add a URL where people can get more info.
  4. Because URLs are long, you need a URL Shortener.
    1. If you use Firefox, get this URLShortener plugin.
    2. If you use TweetDeck, you can have it automatically shorten your URLs.
    3. Otherwise, you can shorten your URLs at http://bit.ly.
  5. When replying to a tweet, start with the twitterer’s handle (e.g, @natdunn,…) and provide some context about the original tweet, especially if your reply isn’t immediate.

How to share links among WordPress MU Blogs

We have recently started using WordPress MU to manage several blogs related to the products, technologies and practices on which we provide training.  I was looking for an easy way to link these blogs to each other in the sidebar without managing the links separately in each blog. Continue Reading »