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Role-based Microsoft 365 Courses

Webucator is offering official Microsoft role-based 365 courses that prepare students for the following exams:

  1. Managing Modern Desktops (MD-101)
  2. Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform (MS-200)
  3. Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork (MS-300)
  4. Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid (MS-301)
  5. Microsoft 365 Security Administration (MS-500)
  6. Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900)

You can learn more about the individual courses on our Microsoft 365 page.


New Microsoft Official DevOps Courses

Webucator is offering new Microsoft official courses for preparing for the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam. These seven 1-day courses prepare students for specific DevOps skills.

  1. AZ-400T01 – Implementing DevOps Development Processes
  2. AZ-400T02 – Implementing Continuous Integration
  3. AZ-400T03 – Implementing Continuous Delivery
  4. AZ-400T04 – Implementing Dependency Management
  5. AZ-400T05 – Implementing Application Infrastructure
  6. AZ-400T06 – Implementing Continuous Feedback
  7. AZ-400T07 – Designing a DevOps Strategy

Microsoft 365 Security Administrator training courses

Webucator is offering four new Microsoft official Microsoft 365 Security Administrator training courses MZ-500T01-MZ-500T04:

  1. MS-500T01 – Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Access
  2. MS-500T02 – Implementing Microsoft 365 Threat Protection
  3. MS-500T03 – Microsoft 365 Identity Management
  4. MS-500T04 – Administering Microsoft 365 Built-in Compliance

These courses help students prepare for Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate exam (MS-500).


Microservices Training

Webucator is now offering a wide range of Microservices training courses:

  1. Microservices Training.

Microservices refers broadly to a type of software development in which applications are broken down into smaller development projects so that they can be more easily and independently developed and maintained. Microservices also enables development to be independent of a single programming language and allows the services to be scalable.


New Microsoft official course 10984 – Deploying and Managing Office 365 Hybrid Deployments

Webucator is offering a new Microsoft official course:

  1. MOC 10984 – Deploying and Managing Office 365 Hybrid Deployments

This course is for experienced IT pros who manage on-premises and Cloud Office 365 services. This course focuses on administration, configuration, and operation of Office 365 services in hybrid environments. It will also cover Office 365 management of identities, authentication, and supporting technologies.


MongoDB Training at Webucator

Webucator is offering MongoDB courses.

MongoDB is a popular cross-platform document-based database. It is a NoSQL database and therefore does not use a table structure. MongoDB is an open-source database that boasts fast and simple integration of data.


Spring 5 and JPA 2 Training

Webucator is offering a new course:

  1. Introduction to Spring 5 and JPA 2

Spring 5 is the latest version of Spring, and this course covers three main configuration styles: Java-based (@Configuration), annotation-based (@Component), and the traditional XML-based configuration that may still play an important role in existing and new projects. Students will gain an understanding of core principles, use the Spring Core module, understand types of metadata, and much more. This course is also available for Spring 4.