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Social Media Marketing: An Introduction

Recently the Webucator Marketing team presented a webinar to introduce the basics of using social media for businesses. The webinar covered important social media statistics, tips for developing a strategy, the basics of setting up your business on the main social media sites, and case studies of successful campaigns. These topics are also covered in our social media training.

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Create a Text Wrap in Adobe InDesign

Knowing how to create a text wrap in Adobe InDesign is a simple yet essential task. In this video tutorial, you will learn the basics of creating a text wrap. You will also learn how to create a text frame that will ignore a text wrap. For a more in-depth overview of text wraps and other tools within InDesign, check out our Adobe training options. Continue Reading »


File Names and Folder Structures in Adobe Digital Publishing

At Webucator, we have been developing iPad training, and we have released a new course: “Adobe InDesign CS5 with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for iPad.” In editing this course, I found that it is critical to pay close attention to the file names and folder structures when preparing files for publication to an iPad.

There are very strict folder structures and file naming conventions which must be followed for documents to bundle and upload correctly.

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Media App Trends in 2010

Apple iTunes recently released “Rewind 2010,” a summary of the hottest iPhone and iPad apps of 2010. While entertainment apps like Angry Birds and Facebook are dominating iPhone results, the iPad list reveals hope for the media industry. Companies with publications that are considering digital publishing options, including publication through Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite, can note these early trends as they make key decisions for 2011. Continue Reading »


Features of Digital Publishing to iPad

The digital publishing is doing something right: putting control at the reader’s fingertips. In fact, the iPad may be the life preserver for print media during the digital revolution.

The potential for any publication grows exponentially by integrating traditional formats with new digital technologies. Instead of simply presenting your readers with an article and a photo, publishers can enrich the experience with a plethora of interactive options: click on a phrase or image to gain more information, step inside panoramic photo, flip through a slideshow, watch a video, etc.   Continue Reading »