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Diversity Training for Your Workplace: 12 Free and Paid Diversity Training Resources

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace can give your business a competitive edge.

Companies who prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have been shown to win more business and achieve higher profits. Research has shown that companies with gender diverse and ethnically diverse leadership are more likely to be financial top performers.

These companies are also more likely to retain top talent. Employees want to stay at companies that encourage a culture of inclusion and belonging.

An essential strategy for building a culture of inclusion is providing diversity training for employees and management. In building a DEI training program, you may choose to develop classes internally, subscribe to video courses, or work with a training company like Webucator.

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How to Learn Microsoft PowerPoint: 12 Free and Paid PowerPoint Training Resources

Business professionals rely on Microsoft PowerPoint to present information.

At Webucator, a Microsoft Certified training company, we have delivered PowerPoint Training for sales representatives, technical professionals, data analysts, researchers, business managers, and many, many others.

From consulting with our customers, I’ve found that learning Microsoft PowerPoint is a continuous process. Even if you have used PowerPoint for many years, learning features like Slide Master and advanced multimedia tools can help you save time and improve the appearance of your presentations.

Many professionals learn Microsoft PowerPoint on their own. With self-taught skills you can create a decent presentation, but learning to use some of PowerPoint’s productivity tools will help you work more quickly. You will make more professional presentations with custom themes and advanced formatting. You will captivate your audience with 3D models and image effects.

Along with building your skills to create impressive PowerPoint presentations, learning Microsoft PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts can claim back time in your workday.

Hundreds of PowerPoint users, including expert PowerPoint trainers, have shared their favorite PowerPoint resources with me. Increase your PowerPoint skillset using the tutorials, books, guides, videos, etc., listed in this article.

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15 Ways to Increase Your Influence at Work

Every endeavor requires influence.

In negotiation, you’re influencing someone to move closer to your point of view.  In conflict resolution, you’re influencing two people to solve their issues.  In organizational change, you’re influencing a person or organization to do something in a different way.

Influence is an essential skill in business. Here are 15 techniques that can help you build your skillset.

When reading this blog, think of a specific business goal you are trying to achieve. How can you use these influence techniques to achieve your goal?

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How to Learn Vue: 8 Vue.js Training Resources

There’s a relative newcomer to the world of JavaScript front-end frameworks that’s attracting a significant amount of attention among developers, Vue.js. In this blog post, I’ll tell you what all the buzz is about. We’ll look at the main points you need to consider to make an informed decision about whether to get on board with it. Finally, we’ll take a look at the best resources on the web to help you learn Vue.

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Data Science Technologies and Tools

Data science is one of the fastest growing career paths.

There may be up to 250,000 open data science jobs by 2024 in the United States, according to a recent InfoWorld article.

For companies and professionals looking to gain a foothold in the rapidly progressing field, there are many choices of technologies and tools.

Below is a list of the top Data Science topics, technologies, and tools to explore.

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How to Learn Microsoft Word: 12 Free and Paid Word Training Resources

Microsoft Word Training options include a live instructor, videos, books, and more. Source: yanalya – freepik

As an account manager at a Microsoft Certified training company, I’ve seen how Microsoft Word is an essential business tool. I’ve helped coordinate Word training for legal professionals, technical writers, executive assistants, policy analysts, and many others.

From talking with hundreds of clients, I’ve discovered that learning Microsoft Word is an ongoing process. Even experienced users can learn new tricks and save time with powerful tools like advanced styles and templates.

When it comes to Microsoft Office software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, many of us are self-taught. While that might work to a degree, consider how much time can be saved when you learn the productivity tools in Microsoft Word. Think about how your documents would look far more professional by learning the Microsoft Word advanced formatting tools.

In addition to learning new tools and features of Microsoft Word, learning Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts can also be a fantastic way to claim back time in your work day.

After talking with hundreds of Word users and expert Word trainers, I compiled a list of the best resources that have been shared over the years.

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Top Role-Based IT Certifications

The average IT professional has 3 certifications and most IT professionals plan to gain more.

With a fast-changing technology landscape, relevant certifications ensure you are ready to adopt new technologies and integrate new strategies.

Many blogs have reported on the top paying certifications, which is helpful if you are just starting your IT career, or are considering a career change.

Getting more into the specifics, we can also explore certifications based on role. For example, which certifications are best if you are focused on big data? Which are relevant for demonstrating your cloud expertise?

Here are the top certifications for each IT skill set.

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Does your Website Meet Accessibility Standards?

In the United States, twenty percent of adults have a disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Disabilities that may impede a person’s ability to use a website include:

  • Deafness and loss of auditory capacity
  • Limited visual acuity and blindness
  • Cognitive medical conditions
  • Learning disabilities
  • Speech disabilities
  • Movement-based limitations
  • Photosensitivity
  • Other types of disabilities which impede content consumption.

The World Wide Web consortium (W3C) defines accessibility as the practice of insuring that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with websites and tools, and that they can contribute equally without barriers.

In spite of the emphasis given to accessibility issues in every web standard, actual implementation of accessibility best practices is still sub-par in many websites and web applications. In this blog post, I’ll discuss some of these best practices, explore the current state of accessibility tools, and give you a few pointers on things that you can do today to improve the accessibility of your website or applications.

Need more help? Click to learn Web Accessibility best practices from a live instructor. 

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CSS Maintenance Best Practices

If you’ve ever worked on a large website as part of a team, or even if you’ve ever worked on a small website with a long history, you know that one of the first things that can get out of control and cause maintenance nightmares is the site’s CSS. After a while of people making one-time changes and additions, it often seems like every additional change breaks something else.

For this reason, various people have come up with strategies and best practices for keeping CSS under control. In this article, I’ll discuss a few of these best practices and then show how using a CSS framework such as Bootstrap 4 can make doing the right thing almost effortless.

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How to Start Using Power BI

Have you been hearing that Power BI is the best and easiest way to analyze and visualize your company’s data?

power bi classes

Are you interested in learning how Power BI can benefit your organization?

Keep reading to find out how to start using Power BI.

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