Webucator Awards 2019-2020 Computer Science Scholarship

Webucator has been offering a scholarship for Computer Science students who show potential for leadership in the field of Computer Science since 2015. We receive numerous applications every year and it is always hard to choose just one winner. But we have to. The winner for the 2019-2020 academic year is Abou Diomande.

Abou finds the field of Computer Science rewarding because he gets “to solve problems that are going to help people and better our world” and because it is a field in which he “will never be bored”. After college Abou hopes to work as a software application developer. In a letter of reference, one of Abou’s professors said “Along with persistence, Abou has demonstrated curiosity in learning more about computer science and related fields, and seems to enjoy the challenge of building software applications. He also shows respect for others in his interactions with faculty and other students. These positive character traits are good indicators that he can achieve success in his continued studies and make a significant contribution in his future professional work.”

Congratulations Abou! You are the 2019-2020 recipient of Webucator’s Computer Science Scholarship! We are happy to award you $1,000 to be used to help pay for your education.

About Webucator

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