ColdFusion Builder and Indentation Woes

We use Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2016 for our ColdFusion development. We have agreed on using spaces rather than tabs for indentation, but have run into an annoying little problem, which is either a bug or a very well hidden property. When adding an indentation level, CFBuilder always adds a tab. You can press Backspace and then Tab to change it to two spaces, but that’s annoying. Here’s the problem in pictures:

  1. Start with a document that uses spaces for indenting:
    ColdFusion Builder Spaces for Tabs
  2. At the end of line 2, press Enter. Notice ColdFusion Builder continues to use spaces for the existing indentation level, but then adds a tab character for the additional indentation:
    ColdFusion Builder Spaces and Tab

For my Preference settings, I have the following:

  1. ColdFusion > Profiles > Editor > Formatter > (Edit…) > Indentation:
    ColdFusion Builder ColdFusion Profile Formatter
  2. General > Text Editors:ColdFusion Builder General Text Editor Preferences
  3. Java > Code Style > Formatter > (Edit…) > Indentation:ColdFusion Builder Java Formatter Preferences

If anyone knows how to fix this, so that ColdFusion Builder consistently uses spaces for indenting, we would love to know about it.

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