NYTimes.com, Please Stop Blocking Copy & Paste

Please share to see if we can get the NYTimes.com to change this.

Dear New York Times website,

Awhile back, you released a new website design that prevents readers like me from copying content from your articles. When I double-click on a word to highlight it, the page zooms. That’s not what I want or expect. If I need to zoom in on a web page, I can zoom. All modern browsers have built-in methods for changing the display size of page content. Worse, when I try to highlight the text of one of your articles by clicking and dragging, another article loads. Again, this isn’t what I want or expect. I was reading that article. Don’t rip it out of my hands. Now I have to go back to it and find my place again.

While it’s cool to innovate, it’s not cool to mess with readers’ expectations. Good web design involves responding to your visitors’ interactions in ways we expect. So, please please please, stop the nonsense. Let me copy.



P.S. In the meantime, when I want to copy text from one of your articles, I’ll just keep modifying the URL to get the mobile version of the article, which doesn’t prevent copying.

  1. Article URL: Cannot copy text. Bad!
    Original Article URL
  2. Solution: Change “www” to “m” in location bar:
  3. New page loads: Can copy text. Good!

Do you know other websites that prevent copying?

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