Markdown ATX Headers Require a Space after Hashes

I just upgraded to Anaconda 2.4, which includes Python 3.5. To update, just run the following code:

conda update conda
conda install anaconda=2.4 

Almost everything seems to have gone smoothly. The exception was that all the markdown headers in my IPython notebooks lost their formatting. They started showing up like this:
Broken Markdown Headers

It turns out it was my fault. I didn’t know that “The opening sequence of # characters cannot be followed directly by a non-space character” in ATX (hash-style) headers. Earlier versions of Anaconda were more lenient and formatted the header correctly even you (read I) didn’t put a space after the hash marks. So, I had dozens of notebooks with the offending #headers.

Python to the Rescue

Luckily, the fix isn’t too bad. I used a regular expression to find series of hash marks that weren’t followed by a space:

pattern = re.compile(r'(\n\s*"#+)([^\s#])')

And then I looped through folders containing IPython notebooks finding and replacing the pattern above with the two substrings in the matches separated by a space.

pattern = re.compile(r'(\n\s*"#+)([^\s#])')

Here is the full code on gist.

I didn’t test it to thoroughly, so use at your own risk!

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