Top Ten Most Marketable Skills

As a company that believes in the importance of providing resources for continued education and training, Webucator wanted to find out which skills or traits people considered to be the most essential for entering the workforce, or for supporting one’s constant success in an established career. Subsequently, we launched our “Most Marketable Skills” campaign where we surveyed various industry professionals, college graduates, business owners and entrepreneurs, asking them which aptitude they deemed most crucial and relevant to today’s job landscape. After carefully reviewing each insightful entry, we comprised the following top ten list of marketable skills:

1). Passion

This one should come as no surprise and may sound cliché, but it is as inescapable as it is true. A passion for something or some reason for what you’re doing is going to make or break your ability to achieve success. As PR professional Katrina Owens states, “Passion is the driving force behind successful young professionals, and if you don’t have it, it will show.”

2). Continued Learning

This is perhaps our favorite one, although rather than a skill or trait, continued learning is something to have a desire for, an idea to embrace. In today’s ever-evolving workforce, you should always strive to further develop your skill set and expand your knowledge to stay ahead.

3). Communication

Writer and self-taught designer CJ Peradilla tells us, “Communication is easily one of the most critical skills one must be able to master. Speech, writing and other forms of communication coexist as part of a matrix that serves as an underlying framework for humans to seamlessly co-mingle with one another.” The ability to communicate in some shape or form will be a marker of other desirable traits, including maturity and self-confidence.

4). Adaptability

Don’t be afraid of change, because it’s inevitable. In most, if not all industries today, there is some element of the job that will always evolve. You have to be equipped to grow along with the changes, big or small. You must be able to recognize how or where you fit best, even if that means going somewhere else.

5). Work Ethic

Michelle Brezek, a teacher and literacy coach, says “No matter what field you enter, your work ethic can make or break your success — when you do your best, it’s noticed.” Not only that, but feeling like you’ve done all you can feeds into self-confidence and future performance. Something to ask yourself before leaving the office is, “Did I do my absolute best today?”

6). Problem solving

Rather than being someone who simply points out all the problems they see, try offering solutions instead. It is much more valuable and encouraging when you’re able to show your creativity and desire to improve a situation rather than simply pointing out the issues.

7). Willpower

Everyone will encounter work days when motivation is lacking and an easier, albeit less productive route, is much more appealing. Maybe a certain project seems overwhelming, or your future path feels uncomfortably unclear. During these times, you need to be able to call on your willpower to ensure you keep moving forward. This goes hand in hand with reliability, a trait worth an honorable mention.

8). Networking

In today’s landscape, some would claim that one’s ability to network is almost more important than your degree or experience. We are more connected than ever with social platforms like LinkedIn, and countless other online networking resources. What’s left is the know-how and courage to take full advantage. Don’t forget about your alma mater’s alumni network, attend career centers and fairs, or send a Facebook message to your old college roommate about that uncle of theirs they once told you about.

9). Ambition

A stronger form of motivation, ambition is what gives you the extra pluck and desire to go for it. Don’t let excuses get in the way of your goals and dreams.

10). Good attitude

Maintaining a positive, energized outlook, even in the face of adversity, will be an essential part of what gets you ahead in the workplace, and in life. It is well known that someone with a good attitude focuses on solutions rather than problems, and has the makings of a natural leader.

These skills and traits, while fine concepts on their own, become actionably marketable when they come together in one, truly sought-after employee. In today’s job market, it’s more important than ever to focus on improving and strengthening each of these skills in order to achieve a satisfying level of success. Our Microsoft training courses are just one example of the resources we offer to help keep you competitive in the workplace.

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