DPS Prerelease Program Coming To an End with the Release of Creative Suite 5.5

Last week participants in the Digital Publishing Suite Prerelease Program received an email from Adobe announcing that on May 3, 2011 the DPS Prerelease Program will close to new applicants.  This is a precursor to the upcoming release of Creative Suite 5.5, in which most of the new features are focused on digital publishing to tablet devices. InDesign, for example, will now incorporate many of the features introduced in DPS, with a set of Folio Producer Tools.

These new tools include the Overlay Creator, which allows interactive elements, such as audio, video, panoramas, 360ºs, and pan and zooms for publication to iPad and other tablets. Also included will be a brand new Articles Panel, which supposedly will smooth out some of the reading-order unpredictability when exporting InDesign docs to ePUB or HTML. Related to this new panel are new Paragraph and Character Styles options that allow mapping to CSS and standards-compliant HTML tags. A few other new features have reportedy been added, such as PNG support for ePUB (Yea! Transparency!), as well as drag-and-drop anchored objects.

In Adobe’s letter, along with the May 3rd cut-off for new applicants in the prerelease program, they also announced that, as of June 6th, participants who have not purchased DPS will no longer be able to upload files to the Distribution Service, and that on August 3rd, Adobe will stop distribution of the non-purchasing participants’ existing folios.

So if you want to try out DPS while it’s still free, you better hurry. You can apply here.

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  • Neha Tyagi, Adobe Digital Publishing Team
  • Dave Dickson, Adobe Digital Publishing Team
  • Bob Levine, The InDesign Guy
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