Comparing PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

If you frequently send PowerPoint presentations along the pike for comments and revisions, you’ll really appreciate this. PowerPoint 2010 gives you the ability to compare different versions of presentations, and accept or reject changes. It’s pretty easy.

  1. Open the original presentation you want to use for comparison.
  2. In the Review tab, click Compare.

    A dialog box will open that says “Choose File to Merge with Current Presentation”.
  3. Navigate to the new version, and click Merge. A Reviewing Pane will open showing the differences between the two presentations. Slide changes show text changes, additions and deletions to individual slides. Presentation changes show additions and deletions to the overall slide set

  4. In the Reviewing Pane, click the change listed to display what changed occurred on the slide.

  5. Use the Previous and Next buttons to move among changes, and Accept and Reject buttons to work with the changes.
  6. After you accept/reject changes, save your file.
  7. Use End Review to stop the comparison.

One thing that seems to stump the process is if animations have been added to objects. You’ll get the following:

I guess you’d actually have to go in and look at the “offending” slide.

Overall, it’s a really helpful way to look at the basic differences between PowerPoint presentations. Since I usually start with an existing presentation to create a new one, I find this particular PowerPoint 2010 enhancement very useful.

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