Weighted Sort: Intelligent Data Analysis in Google Analytics

The web analytics industry is gaining substantial momentum and people have started to respect “data” for decision making. However, I believe that data is not information. Data contains information, and that’s why you need to slice-and-dice your data to derive actionable insights.

Google Analytics recently introduced an enhancement within the report interface. This new enhancement is called “Weighted Sort.” It greatly enhances your ability to convert data into actionable insights. This article will shed light on this new enhancement and how you can leverage it along with other standard features for intelligent data analysis.

What is Weighted Sort in Google Analytics?

Weighted sort allows you to quickly focus on important data points, without getting lost in the plethora of data that Google Analytics shoots at you.  Currently weighted sort is not universally available within all the reports in Google Analytics, and it only works with percentage metrics (e.g. Bounce Rate, % New Visits, Goal Conversion Rate).

How Weighted Sort Works In Google Analytics?

Weighted sort uses a new sorting algorithm that allows you to use two complementary metrics (e.g. Visits and Bounce Rate) to sort your data. Weighted sort adds weight on certain data points, which allows it to bring the most actionable data points to the surface.

As a result, you won’t see the standard ascending or descending order that you usually see under a strict sort method.

Applications of Weighted Sort in Data Analysis

The main objective behind using this feature is to transform your data into actionable insights. In our Introduction to Google Analytics Training and Advanced Google Analytics Training, we spend a substantial amount of time training our participants on the various techniques that they can use to accomplish this task.

Weighted sort plays an important role if you’re working on keyword optimization and landing page optimization projects.  However, these are not the only two applications of weighted sort. The following video tutorial features an example of using weighted sort for keyword optimization and landing page optimization.

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