Import/Export Ribbons in Office 2010

Ok, you’ve done some pretty nifty customizations in your Office 2010 applications. Coworkers really like your custom tabs and groups, and ask that you do the same for them. You could go from computer to computer to make the changes. Or you could just export your setting so that other people can import them into their applications. Let’s take a look.

Since I have a custom group called Send (see below) on the Home tab of Word 2010, I’ll use that as an example. The procedure is the same for all the Office 2010 applications.

Open the Customize the Ribbon Dialog

  1. Click the File tab
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Customize the Ribbon


  1. Right click anywhere in the Ribbon
  2. Select Customize the Ribbon… from the drop down

Export Customizations

  1. Click the Import/Export button
  2. Select Export all customizations from the drop down
  3. Change the file name and/or location if you want and click Save

    By default, the file is named Word Customizations.exportedUI ( and an Excel export file is called Excel Customizations.exportedUI, and PowerPoint is called PowerPoint Customizations.exportedUI. You get the idea). If you do decide to rename the file, it’s a real good idea to maintain the application name in your file name, since they’re all saved as the same file type.

Import Customizations

One thing you should be aware of is that when you import customizations, you lose any previous customizations you’ve done to the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar. If you’d like to be able to revert to your customizations, export them first.

  1. Click the Import/Export button
  2. Select Import customization file from the drop down
  3. Locate your *.exportedUI file (this is the only type of file you can open from the dialog) and click Open

The Customization File

If you’re wondering what that *.exportedUI file looks like, a screen shot is below. I opened it in TextPad (a pretty nifty text editor) and added a line return after each tag (just for readability).

The top box (red) shows the changes to my Quick Access ToolBar. The bottom box (blue) shows my custom Send group added to the Home tab.

If a company wanted to establish a standard interface for the Office 2010 applications, a customization file for each application could be distributed company-wide.

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