Importing Goal and Funnel Settings In Google Analytics

In our Google Analytics training classes, I recommend our students create multiple working copies of the default profile. These duplicate copies of the default profile are useful for carrying out experiments and tests on your data using filters, goals and funnels.

Consider the following scenario: you have 8 goals and 3 filters applied to your default profile.  You want to tweak these goal and filter settings to see possible variations in the outcome. To test these different variations you will have to manually configure all 8 goals and 3 filters in different profiles. This is a mundane task and as of today there is no feature in Google Analytics that allows you to import your settings from one profile to another.

So, is there a work around? There sure is!

Importing Goal Settings in Google Analytics

Step 1: Download and install this Firefox extension. In order to install this extension, you will have to first save the downloaded file (goalcopy.xpi) on a local hard rive (e.g. desktop) and then open this file from your Firefox web browser (click on the File menu and then choose Open File).

Once you install this extension, you should see the following toolbar in your web browser:

Google Goal and Filter Copy Toolbar

To remove this extension from your browser, because it does use a lot of space, simply go to the Tools menu, select Add-ons, and then disable the Google Analytics Goal Copy add-on. You can always re-enable it later.

Step 2: Access your default profile in Google Analytics and navigate to the Goal Settings screen. In the following example I first copy goal and funnel settings from my default profile.

Google Analytics Goal and Funnel Settings Page

Click on the Copy button in your new tool bar and it will capture all your goal and funnel settings. If you have more than one goal in a profile, repeat the above process but use different slots available to you in the toolbar. Notice that the Paste button will display your goal name (e.g. Checkout Process).

Google Analytics Goal and Funnel Copy Toolbar

Step 3: Open the profile in which you want to import goal and funnel settings. Navigate to the Goal Settings page within this profile and then press the Paste button from your toolbar. Your goal and funnel settings will get pasted in the appropriate fields. Make sure you save your settings before you move on to import your next goal.

Importing Filter Settings in Google Analytics

You can also use this tool to copy and paste your filter settings. The process is the same as for importing goal settings, though you will have to first navigate to your filter settings page in Google Analytics.

If you have any other innovative ways to import goal and filter settings from one profile to another, please let me know by leaving a comment on this blog.

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