Google Tags Enhances Google Places

In our Google AdWords class, I introduce students to Google Places. For those who are new to Google Places, it is a service where you can list your business on Google. You can provide details about your business such as the hours of operation, photos, and product offerings. Google Places allows online users to find local businesses on Google, read reviews and more. If you have a brick and mortar location, then listing your business on Google Places is a great way to increase your online presence in front of your local community.

Google recently added a new twist to this service; it’s called Google Tags. This new service is going to make it really simple for local businesses to advertise on Google.  In fact, it is simpler than using Google AdWords. Just to clarify,  Google Places is a free listing service and it’s not an advertising platform. However, with Google Tags a business can now enhance its Google Places listing that appears on and Google Maps with a yellow tag that emphasizes specific information, such as a coupon, video, menu, reservations, photos, or a custom advertising message. Unlike Google AdWords there will be no auctions to monitor and there will be no bidding for keywords. Google Tags come with a monthly flat fee of $25!

Here is an example of Google Tags in action. When I searched for ‘hair salons in Washington DC‘ I got the following search result page. Notice that Easel Hair Studio is using Google Tags and has a promotional message for “20% off color service”.

Example of Google Tags

How do I get my Google Tag?

Simply follow these three steps.

  • Step1: Sign-up for Google Places and add your business on Google Places (free).
  • Step2: Fill out your business information to claim your listing, and then validate your listing with Google Places.
  • Step 3: Go to your Google Places dashboard and activate your Google Tag (credit card required).

As of today, Google Tags is currently available only in selected cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Boulder, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Washington DC and the entire state of California.

Google Tags is a great way to communicate the uniqueness of your business with your local community. Also, If your brick and mortar store happens to be in a touristy area, then Google Tags is a great way to advertise your business on Google since Google Tags appear on mobile searches as well. Here is a live example from our recent Google AdWords class: one of my students has a boutique near the Washington D.C. area and his boutique specializes in bridal shoes, so for him Google Tags will be a great way to communicate that specialty item with the local community.

Happy Tagging!

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