Tracking Changes in Microsoft Word 2007

Ever wonder what was going on once you start revising those Microsoft Word documents? Track Changes is a great way of highlighting whatever you’re doing with your document: adding, deleting, moving text, changing formatting.  Here’s how to get started:

Update the User Information

  1. In the Review Tab, click the Track Changes drop down and select “Change User Name…”. This is just to ensure your information (name and initials) is in there.
  2. Update the information, if necessary.
  3. Click OK.

Change the Tracking Options

If you don’t particularly like seeing deletions as red strikethroughs and insertions as green underlines, change them.

  1. In the Review Tab, click the Track Changes drop down and select “Change Tracking Options…”.  You’ll get a dialog box where you can make a ton of changes if you want.
  2. Make changes to how you want your tracking displayed.
  3. Click OK.

Add the Track Changes button to your Status Bar

  1. Right Click the Status Bar to open the Customize Status Bar menu.
  2. Select Track Changes.
  3. Turn Track Changes on and off by clicking the button (a bit easier than remembering which ribbon it’s in).

Why Track Changes?

  • You probably won’t remember where you’ve made your changes, especially subtle differences.
  • If more than one person is doing an edit (and he/she has enabled Track Changes) you can see who made what change, when, by hovering the mouse over the change.
  • You can accept/reject changes individually. Think of it as selective Undo.
  • Just look at all the colors!

Tracking changes and collaborating on documents is covered in Webucator’s Advanced Microsoft Word 2007 Class.

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