Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

I attended a terrific webinar hosted by SocialMedia Examiner and picked up many social media marketing tips that I find to be both practical and easy to implement.  Here are the ones that most resonated with me.

Tip# 1: Video is Your New Darling

I say video has become the new darling for search engines. According to Forrester Research a properly submitted video is 50 times more likely to achieve a first-page Google ranking as compared with standard search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Thus, quality video content has tremendous SEO opportunities.

So what types of video content should you generate? Here are some hints:

  1. About Us or Welcome Videos: This category of video is used to inform visitors about your company as well as the product or services which you offer. If you are looking for an example to start with, then check out this welcome video.
  2. How to Videos: These are tutorials to educate your visitors. This is a great way to increase their trust and deepen the engagement. If you are eager to jump on this video bandwagon then you want to consider learning tools like Camtasia. At Webucator, we realized this trend and we have already started generating useful video tutorials. Check out this sample video on how to use Google Toolbar for SEO.
  3. Interviews and Video Testimonials: Although we have yet to experiment with this, I do think that video testimonials will be a very effective way to share what customers have to say about you.

Tip #2: Exploit Twitter

Optimize the use of Twitter for increasing your visibility. Make it easier for others to tweet your blog or video content by adding the TweetMeme button. Try to find some fire-starters; these are people who are your hardcore fans and most likely to retweet your tweets.

So, why should you care about retweets?

Tweets are fully indexable on Google and Bing. In my opinion, retweeting provides more avenues for search engines to find your tweets. Further, retweets can act like a vote of confidence indicating that your tweet was appreciated and shared by others.

You can find helpful information on our Twitter blog page to get you started in this direction.

Tip #3: Create a Facebook Fan Page (Eyeballs can be monetized)

Here is why a fan page can help your business in viral marketing:

  1. For the week ending March 13, 2010 Facebook surpassed Google in the US to become the most visited website for the week. Thus, having a professional and compelling fan page can help you in putting your company’s name in front of billions of Facebook users.
  2. Facebook fan pages are fully indexable on Google and thus your fan page can help you in your SEO strategy.

Tip# 4: Develop a Social Media Hub

Relying on Twitter and Facebook is like putting your content on someone else’s property. You are subjected to their rules and are dependent on the popularity of these platforms.

You can utilize these social media platforms to grab the attention of your prospective clients, however you should bring these “watchers” to your own blog page.

In order to be successful at this, you will need to supply fresh, engaging and relevant content on your own website which will help in building the loyalty of your visitors.

There were some other tips discussed during the webinar such as using Google Buzz and leveraging Social Bookmarking. However, I am yet to see compelling evidence that these tools are more difficult to use effectively for business purposes.

Please share your opinion on how effective you think it would be to add Google Buzz and Social Bookmarking in your marketing mix.

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