My Favorite Photoshop Plugins

When you need to get the maximum amount of work done in the least amount of time Photoshop PlugIn Software might be your answer.  Often the effect you want can be done in seconds.

You would need to consider your time vs. the investment cost.  If the Photoshop plugin saves you time the return on your money would soon pay for itself.

  • My favorite Photoshop plugin software is Autofx’s Mystical Suite, which they describe accurately on their site  as “an integrated bundle of products that work together to create some amazing visual effects.” Here is a sample of Mystical Lighting used on a picture . You can see the interesting light effect in the woods.
  • Imagenomic’s Portraiture is a great plugin to use when you need to soften & smooth skin.  Imagenomic features bundled software that can also save you money.  Spend some time viewing the videos on this site as they’re very cool.
  • Alien Skin Software’s Eye Candy helps you easily create slick designs.  Eye Candy has 30 filters and over 1000 preset.  If you love digital photography then check out their Photo Bundle, which consists of 5 Photoshop plugins that helps you improve the image quality and most important will save you time.
  • Fluid Mask by Vertus is another great Photoshop plugin.  I call this the plugin Masking Made Easy, because that’s what it does.  Specifically, Fluid Mask does the following:
    1. Faster Initial Image Processing
    2. Localized Edge Detection and Blending
    3. Intelligent Edge Blending
    4. Great New Tools for Color Based Selections

    Masking is a great way to design beautiful cutouts.  This Photoshop plugin is worth every penny when you need to have great high-end images for your designs.

Though the good ones aren’t free or even cheap, the right set of Photoshop Plugins can make a world of difference and save you a lot of time.

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