How Hands-on Exercises Help You Learn Google Analytics

Google Analytics has about 80 standard reports. With various segmentation techniques coupled with advanced features such as custom reporting and custom segments, you are looking at numerous possible ways to analyze the data. Further Google Analytics allows a good deal of customization to meet your specific business needs. But with all these features, it’s easy to get lost. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research; the strategies, resources, and technology employed for this task are often misaligned with enterprise needs.

Thus, even though Google Analytics comes with no price tag, it is important to train your staff so that they can appropriately leverage the tool to drive the bottom line. At Webucator, we believe in “learning by doing”. Thus our Google Analytics Introduction and Advanced courses are fully loaded with hands-on interactive exercises. Students are exposed to a live Google Analytics account where they get firsthand experience of the tool. Exercises encourage students to think and apply the techniques learned during the training program which leads to better absorption and retention of newly learned skills.

Here is a sample of an exercise which you will find in our Introduction to Google Analytics course:

Your company is planning to add audio/video content to deliver product information.
Using Google Analytics, determine whether adding audio/videos content to your company’s website is a good move.
Further how would you decide if you want to use flash or some other platform to deliver this content?

Students receive the guidance they need from the instructor as they work through the exercises. This helps students to gain confidence and increase their overall comfort level with Google Analytics in general. Exercises help to ensure that students who complete the course are able to use Google Analytics on their own website right away in an efficient and effective manner.

More importantly, we have heard from our students that exercises make learning fun and interactive!

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