Adobe Connect VoIP Breakdown

Voice over Internet protocol, commonly known as VoIP is a technology which allows users to place phone calls over the Internet. Conferencing, a feature which was seemingly lost in the initial VoIP boom has made significant strides as of late, with such software as Adobe Connect, but understanding how it works is a little tricky. If I want to make a VoIP call to a friend it’s a pretty straightforward process. My IP address makes a connection with their IP address; our voices are then digitized and broadcast directly to each other. With this is mind, how can you make a call with more than two people then? Well, something called a PBX server is needed. Essentially an IP based PBX server takes many calls from many users and outputs the audio from the sum of the calls back your telephone, headset, or whatever you are using. The effect is identical to a traditional land line conference call, except you’re using the Internet!

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