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This in-depth and hands-on Tableau Desktop Complete training class provides a practical, all-encompassing overview into the architecture, configuration, and use of Tableau Desktop as an enterprise desktop data analysis, visualization, and reporting solution.

This course explores the fundamentals of using Tableau Desktop for data analysis, visualization, reporting, and dashboard creation. We will examine the key concepts of data analytics and show how Tableau can easily be used to report on and visualize data sourced from files, spreadsheets, or tables.

The course will provide details on how Tableau can be used to implement simple visualizations utilizing text, bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and line charts. In addition, students will learn to use complex interactive features, including calculations, drill-downs, and data filtering.

The course is for those who want to gain understanding of the extensive features of the Tableau Desktop data analysis, visualization, and reporting system. No prior experience with SQL or Tableau Desktop is required.

  1. Learn about the capabilities that Tableau Desktop provides and how it fits in with Tableau Server and Tableau Online products.
  2. Learn how Tableau is different from other BI/reporting tools.
  3. Learn about the various data sources supported by Tableau.
  4. Learn Tableau's core capabilities for data discovery, analytics, data visualizations, and reporting.
  5. Learn Tableau's graphical charting, tabular data, and geographical mapping visualizations.
  6. Learn to create custom calculations.
  7. Learn to build effective Tableau dashboards.
  1. Introduction to Basic Data Organization and Management
  2. Accessing Data Using Tableau
  3. Basic Data Visualization Techniques and Best Practices
  4. Creating Advanced Data Visualizations
  5. Examining Data Patterns and Grouping Using Data Binning
  6. Designing for Visual Interactivity
  7. Exploring Data Filters and Sorts
  8. Exporting Data Using Tableau Desktop
  9. Implementing Simple Data Transformations and Calculations with Tableau Desktop
  10. Viewing Data Distributions
  11. Understanding the Architecture of Data Retrieval Using Both In-Memory and DB Techniques
  12. Reporting on Grouped Data and Summary Aggregations
  13. Using Geographic Data Visualizations
  14. Working with Multiple Data Sources
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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  • None.
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Awesome trainer. I learned so much.

Vicki Devine, Third Federal Savings and Loan
Cleveland OH

Our instructor was very courteous, intuitive and a good teacher. The class itself was very informative and gave me new insight into XML and XSLT so that I can perform my job better.

Jay Yedinak, The Boeing Company
Everett WA

Well worth the time and money.

Wayne Turner, UTHouston Graduate School Of Biomedical Sciences
Houston TX

I loved this online class. It completely met my expectations and I would, given the opportunity, take another course from Webucator.

Julie Sisson, AGCO Corp
Conyers GA

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