Keynote Training

Keynote Training

Course Length: 1 day
Delivery Methods: Multiple delivery options
Course Benefits
  • Learn to create stunning presentations to share.
  • Become proficient in the use and best practices of the Keynote software.
Available Delivery Methods
Public Class
Public expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection. Guaranteed to run .
Private Class
Private classes are delivered for groups at your offices or a location of your choice.
Course Overview

In this Keynote Training class, students will learn about Keynote and the best ways to create stunning presentations in a short amount of time.

When available, we order the paperback edition of the course manual. When the paperback is not available, you will be provided with a Kindle edition and instructions for downloading it.

Course Outline
  1. Getting Started with Keynote
    1. Installing Keynote
    2. Starting Keynote
    3. Exploring the Keynote Workspace
    4. Using Rulers and Guides
    5. Getting On-Screen Help
  2. Creating a Presentation
    1. Choosing a Theme
    2. Adding Slides
    3. Deleting Slides
    4. Changing Slide Navigator Views
    5. Writing in the Outline
    6. Using OmniOutliner
    7. Adding Speaker Notes
    8. Grouping Slides
    9. Changing the Slide Order
    10. Copying Slides
    11. Previewing the Presentation
  3. Mastering Slide Masters
    1. Master Slide Types
    2. Viewing Master Slides
    3. Applying Master Slides
    4. Modifying Master Slides
    5. Changing Master Slide Backgrounds
  4. Getting the Types Right
    1. Adding Title and Body Text
    2. Entering Bulleted Text
    3. Adding Text Boxes
    4. Layering Text
    5. Changing and Styling Fonts
    6. Modifying Text Color
    7. Changing Text Alignment
    8. Adjusting Text Spacing
    9. Copying and pasting Font Styles
    10. Kerning Text
    11. Adjusting Text Baselines
    12. Setting Bullet and Number Styles
    13. Setting Text and Bullet Tabs
    14. Finding and Replacing Text
    15. Checking your Spelling
  5. Working with Graphics
    1. Placing Graphics and Shapes
    2. Using the Image Library
    3. Resizing Graphics
    4. Rotating and Flipping Graphic Objects
    5. Aligning and Distributing Objects
    6. Grouping and Locking Objects
    7. Using Rulers and Alignment Guides
    8. Layering Graphics
    9. Using Color and Gradient Fills
    10. Placing Images within Objects
    11. Modifying Image Borders
    12. Using Drop Shadows
    13. Adjusting Object Opacity
  6. Adding Rich Media
    1. Adding iTunes Music
    2. Adding Slide Narration
    3. Inserting QuickTime Movies
    4. Adding Flash Animations
    5. Compositing Images and Movies
  7. Working with Tables
    1. Creating a Table
    2. Inserting Rows and Columns
    3. Merging and Splitting Cells
    4. Formatting Tables and Cell Contents
    5. Adding Cell Backgrounds and Graphics
  8. Creating Charts
    1. About Chart Types
    2. Adding Charts
    3. Using the Chart Data Editor
    4. Changing Chart Types
    5. Transposing Chart Plots
    6. Modifying Char Elements
    7. Working with Pie Charts
    8. Resizing Charts
  9. Using Slide Transitions and Animations
    1. Applying Slide Transitions
    2. Creating Text Builds
    3. Building Animated Tables
    4. Creating Chart Builds
    5. Creating Object Builds
    6. Previewing Your Work
  10. Working with PowerPoint Files
    1. PowerPoint Issues
    2. Importing PowerPoint Files
    3. Tweaking your PowerPoint Presentations
    4. Exporting to PowerPoint
  11. Working with Other Applications
    1. Importing from AppleWorks
    2. Importing from Microsoft Word
    3. Using Microsoft Office Clip Art
    4. Importing from Microsoft Excel
    5. Transferring Keynote Files
    6. Exporting Presentations to QuickTime
    7. Exporting Presentations in PDF Format
    8. Working with Databases
  12. Giving the Presentation
    1. Preparing to Present
    2. Cool Presentation Gear
    3. Skipping Slides on Playback
    4. Viewing the Presentations
    5. Printing Your Presentations
  13. Creating Custom Master Slides
    1. Building Master Slides
    2. Setting Default Backgrounds and Layouts
    3. Customizing Titles and Body Text
    4. Setting Default Object Styles
    5. Creating Table Defaults
    6. Setting Alignment Guides
  14. Creating Custom Themes
    1. Theme Planning
    2. Creating a Theme from and Apple Theme
    3. Preparing Your Graphics
    4. Importing Graphics into Keynote
    5. Laying out Master Slides
    6. Adding Custom Charts
    7. Finishing Your Theme
    8. Saving Your Theme as a Theme File
Class Materials

Each student will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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