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Captivate - Create interactive learning experiences with our Introductory and Advanced Captivate classes.

InDesign - Learn the tools and techniques for creating professional layouts with these InDesign classes.

Photoshop - Work with an experienced designer to learn best practices for editing photos in these Photoshop classes.

Illustrator - Create professional graphics in Illustrator with these classes.

ColdFusion - Learn to use ColdFusion to build and maintain a site in these classes.

Animate - Take an Animate class to begin creating interactive content.

FrameMaker - Choose from introductory and advanced FrameMaker classes to gain hands-on experience.

RoboHelp - Build help systems, policies, knowledge bases, and more in our RoboHelp class.

Premiere Pro - Improve your video editing skills with these Premiere Pro classes.

Live Cycle - Learn best practices for creating LiveCycle forms with these classes.

After Effects - Gain hands-on experience creating cinematic effects in our After Effects classes.

Acrobat - Get in-depth Acrobat experience with this comprehensive training.

Presenter - Take these classes to begin creating interactive experiences using Presenter.

Why Webucator for Private Onsite Adobe Training?

Webucator began offering Adobe Photoshop training in 2004, FrameMaker and Illustrator training in 2005, and InDesign training in 2006. Additionally, we began offering , Flash (now Animate) and ColdFusion in 2004, before those products were even owned by Adobe. Shortly after, we added RoboHelp and Captivate training into the mix. One of the first onsite Adobe classes we ever delivered was a Photoshop class for a media company in New York City It didn't go well. Webucator proactively refunded the client and sent in another trainer to do a free makeup class. In spite of the disappointing experience with the first trainer, the client felt like they had learned enough Photoshop to do what they needed with it, so they opted for an Adobe After Effects class instead. That class was a great success. Webucator was a young startup at the time and, although this was a painful experience, it was also a great lesson for us. We have worked incredibly hard to develop relationships with a large number of superb Adobe trainers. Today, with more than a decade of experience delivering successful Adobe training, we have our own expert Adobe trainers on staff and actively work with a dozen more. We have delivered hundreds of outstanding private onsite Adobe classes and we are ready to deliver one for your organization.

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Why Webucator for Public Live Online Adobe Training?

Webucator began offering public live online Adobe classes in 2005. Our first class was an Introduction to Dreamweaver class with three students in it, an owner of a small travel agency in Sacramento, CA, a Nuclear Planner Scheduler from Boston, MA, and an employee of a insurance company in Pittsburgh, PA, a company that continues to put students in our live online classes. Since then, we have run hundreds of live online Adobe classes on nineteen different Adobe products, some of which have since been retired, but most of which we continue to teach. As Adobe continues to update their software, our Adobe trainers continue to update their skills. Kjersten Fisher of St. Cloud Federal Credit Union, who took a live online Dreamweaver class with us described the experience like this: "Webucator provides an in-classroom feel without the desk. You get a hands-on learning environment with excellent instructors." We believe you will feel the same.

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Why Webucator for Private Live Online Adobe Training?

The first Adobe class we delivered as a private online class with a live instructor was a customized FrameMaker class organized by the technical communications manager of a large software company that develops and distributes strategic healthcare technology solutions. The manager needed nine of her technical writers to improve their ability to work with FrameMaker. Webucator was able to provide them with a four-hour customized private class directly targeted to their needs. That was the fall of 2011. Since then, we have delivered private online Adobe classes covering InDesign, Photoshop, and other Adobe technologies. If you have a disperse team that needs to learn to use one or more Adobe products, a private live online class could be the right solution for you.

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The best instructor!
Liz Hancock
The Digging
Webucator provided excellent service with technical difficulties when it arose. Their technical support was great as well as a great instructor to walk through Premiere CS5 Pro.
Young Kim
Fantastic teacher, fantastic course!
Luke ten Doeschate
Ada County Offices
Great class, learned a lot!
Helen MacDonald
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