Structured FrameMaker: Building EDDs

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In this Structured FrameMaker training class, students will learn to create their own Element Definition Documents (EDDs) for defining structured templates.


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Course Topics
  1. Learn to build Element Definition Documents (EDDs) in FrameMaker
  1. Getting Started
    1. Creating an Initial Element Definition Document (EDD)
    2. Document Analysis
    3. Basic Types of Elements You Can Define
    4. Hardcopy Sample for Structure Diagram
  2. Reference-Relationship between EDD Elements and Their Component Parts
  3. Specifying Element Tag, Comments, Type, and Valid Highest Level
    1. Setting Up Your Editing Environment
    2. Element Tag
    4. Element Type
    5. Valid Highest Level
  4. General Rule for Containers and Footnotes
    1. Overview
    2. Syntax
    3. Default General Rule
    4. Writing the General Rule
    5. Importing and Testing
    6. Adding to the EDD, Reimporting and Testing
  5. General Rule for Tables and Table Parts
    1. Overview
    2. Syntax
    3. General Rule Restrictions
    4. Default General Rule
    5. Referencing and Defining the Table Element
    6. Defining Table Part Elements
    7. Reimport and Testing
  6. Tables-Initial Structure Pattern and Initial Table Format
    1. Initial Structure Pattern-Overview
    2. Specifying the Initial Structure Pattern
    3. Initial Table Format
    4. Specifying the Initial Table Format
    5. Reporting and Testing
  7. Inclusions and Exclusions
    1. Inclusions
    2. Exclusions
    3. Reimporting and Testing
  8. Autoinsertions
    1. Specifying Autoinserted Child Elements
    2. Specifying Autoinserted Child and Nested Child Elements
    3. Reimporting and Testing
  9. Objects-Initial Object Format and System Variable Format Rule
    1. Initial Object Format-Overview
    2. Cross-Reference Elements
    3. Equation Elements
    4. Graphic Elements
    5. Marker Elements
    6. System Variable Format Rule
  10. Attribute List
    1. Basic Types of Attributes and Their Parts
    2. Defining Attributes for General Descriptions
    3. Defining Attributes for Prefixes and Formatting
    4. Defining Attributes for Cross-Referencing
  11. Text Format Rules
    1. The Parts that Make Up Text Format Rules
    2. Specifying the Element Pgf Format Tag
    3. Writing an All Contexts Rule
    4. Writing a Context Rule
    5. Context Rule-Naming Ancestors
    6. Context Rule-Naming Siblings and Naming Attribute Values
    7. Writing a Level Rule
    8. Using Context Labels
    9. Optional Exercise
  12. First/Last Paragraph Rules
    1. Specifying First/Last Paragraph Rules
  13. Prefix Rules and Suffix Rules
    1. Specifying Prefix Rules and Suffix Rules
  14. Elements for Structuring Books
    1. Defining and Testing Book Elements
    2. Generating the Book
  15. Structuring Unstructured Data
    1. Rule Syntax-Character Restrictions
    2. Two Ways to Produce Conversion Table
    3. Typing the Conversion Rules
    4. Completed Conversion Table
    5. Structuring Unstructured Documents
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this FrameMaker class:

  • Experience with authoring structured documents in FrameMaker
  • XML

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