Introduction to Illustrator CS6 Training

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard software used for creating graphics and illustrations. This Introduction to Illustrator CS6 Training training class introduces students to the basics of Illustrator and familiarizes the student with the tools and utilities used to create layouts and illustrations. It is packed with hands-on exercises so that students can learn by doing.


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  1. The Illustrator User Interface
    1. Understanding the Application Frame
    2. Explore the Arrangement of Illustrator Panels
    3. Identifying and Accessing Illustrator Tools
    4. Creating Custom Tools Panels
    5. Create a Saved Workspace
    6. Explore the Illustrator Document Window
    7. Explore the Arrangement of Multiple Documents
    8. Moving Around an Illustrator File
  2. International Symbols
    1. Setting up the Workspace
    2. Create a New Document
    3. Using Smart Guides
    4. Draw Rounded Rectangles
    5. Selection Basics
    6. Transforming Objects with the Bounding Box
    7. Control Fill and Stroke Attributes
    8. Control Object Positioning
    9. Align and Distribute Objects
    10. Edit Individual Grouped Elements
    11. Using the Group Selection Tool
    12. Import Template Images
    13. Manage Multiple Layers
    14. Drawing Basic Shapes
    15. Create Artwork with Lines
    16. Reflect Drawing Objects
    17. Rotate Drawing Objects
    18. Divide Basic Shapes into Component Pieces
    19. The Stroke Panel in Depth
    20. The Pathfinder Panel in Depth
    21. Work in Isolation Mode
    22. Use Measurements to Adjust Your Artwork
    23. Draw with the Pencil Tool
  3. Regatta Artwork
    1. Drawing Complex Artwork
    2. Use the Pen Tool to Trace the Sketch
    3. Understanding Anchor Point and Bezier Curve Tools
    4. Reshape Line Segments
    5. Build Shapes from Overlapping Paths
    6. Using the Shape Builder Tool
    7. Editing Anchor Points with the Control Panel
    8. Use the Draw Behind Mode
    9. Coloring and Painting Artwork
    10. Using the Draw Inside Mode
    11. Using Global Color
    12. Add a Color Gradient
    13. Use the Gradient Tool
    14. Understanding Color Terms
    15. Creating a Finished Poster
    16. Manage Artwork with Sublayers
    17. Lock and Hide Artwork
    18. Create Shapes with the Blob Brush Tool
  4. Identity Package
    1. Working with Gradient Meshes
    2. Set up the Workspace
    3. Draw the Apple Shapes
    4. Create a Gradient Mesh
    5. Understanding Gradient Mesh Options
    6. Work with a Mesh Using Smart Guides
    7. Working with Type
    8. Point Type vs. Area Type
    9. Manipulate Type Objects
    10. Convert Type to Outlines
    11. Create Custom Graphics from Letter Shapes
    12. Working with Multiple Artboards
    13. Adjust the Default Artboard
    14. Managing Artboard Options
    15. Use the Layers Panel to Organize Artwork
    16. Copy the Artboard and Artwork
    17. The Appearance Panel in Depth
    18. Add Spot Color to the Two-Color Logo
    19. Combining Text and Graphics
    20. Work with Placed Graphics
    21. Create the Envelope Layout
  5. Ski Resort Map
    1. Working with Custom Swatches
    2. Manage the Swatches Panel
    3. Define Gradient Swatches
    4. Using Spot Colors in Gradients
    5. Apply and Control Gradients
    6. Create a Custom Pattern
    7. Creating Variable-Width Stroke Profiles
    8. Working with Brushes
    9. Understanding Art Brush Options
    10. Control an Art Brush Stroke
    11. Expand Brush Strokes into Objects
    12. Create a New Pattern Brush
    13. Pattern Brush Options
    14. Save Custom Brushes
  6. Letterfold Brochure
    1. Creating Documents that Fold
    2. Use Artboards to Create the Panel Layout Structure
    3. Control Artboard Size and Position
    4. Create Margin and Bleed Guides
    5. Create Fold Marks
    6. Working with Imported Images
    7. Place Layout Images
    8. Manage Linked and Embedded Files
    9. Working with Imported Text
    10. Import Text for the Inside Panels
    11. Thread Multiple Type Areas
    12. Work with Hidden Characters
    13. Using the Find and Replace Dialog Box
    14. Define Paragraph Styles
    15. Import Styles from Other Files
    16. Define a Character Style
    17. Fine-Tuning Text
    18. Format Tabbed Text
    19. Check Spelling
    20. Create a Job Package
    21. Export a PDF File for Print
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Illustrator class:

  • Experience with basic software programs such as Microsoft Word
Follow-on Courses

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  • Private Class for your Team
  • Online or On-location
  • Customizable
  • Expert Instructors

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An excellent class. Provides current information and practical techniques.
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I have been taking technical training courses from Webucator for years and every time I do, I learn a lot because of the excellent instructors! Keep up the good work, Webucator! I am looking forward to taking my next course with you.
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