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In this Adobe After Effects training course, students new to After Effects CC will learn to create motion graphics and visual effects. It is packed with hands-on exercises so that students can learn by doing.

Our instructor-led online classes are conducted in the Creative Cloud (CC) 2015.5 (2016 has not been released) version of the software. Your instructor will point out the minor differences between versions where they exist. For our custom instructor-led online and onsite classes, we use the version of the software you use in your office.

  1. Get familiar with the After Effects CC work area.
  2. Learn to create and understand Comps.
  3. Learn to work with Keyframes.
  4. Learn Layers, Effects, and Modes.
  5. Learn to work with Masks and Mattes.
  6. Learn to import and edit text.
  7. Learn about type.
  8. Learn to work with groups of objects using Parenting and Nesting.
  1. Getting to Know the Workflow
    1. Getting Started
    2. Creating a Project and Importing Footage
    3. Creating a Composition and Arranging Layers
    4. Adding Effects and Modifying Layer Properties
    5. Animating the composition
    6. Previewing Your Work
    7. Optimizing Performance in After Effects
    8. Rendering and Exporting Your Composition
    9. Customizing Workspaces
    10. Controlling the Brightness of the User Interface
    11. Finding Resources for Using After Effects
  2. Creating a Basic Animation using Effects and Presets
    1. Importing Footage Using Adobe Bridge
    2. Creating a New Composition
    3. Working with Imported Illustrator Layers
    4. Applying Effects to a Layer
    5. Applying an Animation Preset
    6. Previewing the Effects
    7. Adding Transparency
    8. Rendering the Composition
  3. Animating Text
    1. About Text Layers
    2. Creating and Formatting Point Text
    3. Using a Text Animating Preset
    4. Animating with Scale Keyframes
    5. Animating Using Parenting
    6. Animating Imported Photoshop Text
    7. Animating Text Using a Path Animation Preset
    8. Animating Type Tracking
    9. Animating Text Opacity
    10. Using a Text Animator Group
    11. Cleaning Up the Path Animation
    12. Animating a Nontext Layer along a Motion Path
    13. Adding Motion Blur
  4. Working with Shape Layers
    1. Adding a Shape Layer
    2. Creating Custom Shapes
    3. Creating Stars
    4. Positioning Layers with Snapping
    5. Incorporating Video and Audio Layers
    6. Applying a Cartoon Effects
    7. Adding a Title Bar
    8. Using Brainstorm to Experiment
  5. Animating a Multimedia Presentation
    1. Animating the Scenery Using Parenting
    2. Adjusting an Anchor Point
    3. Masking Video Using Vector Shapes
    4. Keyframing a Motion Path
    5. Animating Additional Elements
    6. Applying an Effect
    7. Creating an Animated Slide Show
    8. Adding an Audio Track
    9. Zooming in for a Final Close-up
  6. Animating Layers
    1. Simulating Lighting Changes
    2. Duplicating an Animation Using the Pick Whip
    3. Animating Movement in the Scenery
    4. Adjusting the layers and Creating a Track Matte
    5. Animating the Shadows
    6. Adding a Lens Flare Effect
    7. Animating the Clock
    8. Retiming the Composition
  7. Working with Masks
    1. About Masks
    2. Creating a mask with the Pen Tool
    3. Editing a Mask
    4. Feathering the Edges of a Mask
    5. Replacing the Content of the Mask
    6. Adding a Reflection
    7. Creating a Vignette
    8. Adjusting the Color
  8. Distorting Objects with the Puppet Tools
    1. About the Puppet Tools
    2. Adding Deform Pins
    3. Defining Areas of Overlap
    4. Stiffening an Area
    5. Animating Pin Positions
    6. Recording Animation
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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Excellent instructor. Full of enthusiasm. Great course.

Tracy Williamson, US Department of Energy
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The teacher explained things well and, when I asked questions beyond the immediate scope of the course content, was able to answer them to a level that indicated broad and deep knowledge of the technology.

Hans Heilman, No Company
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