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In this Adobe After Effects training course, students new to After Effects CC will learn to create motion graphics and visual effects. It is packed with hands-on exercises so that students can learn by doing.

Our instructor-led online classes are conducted in the Creative Cloud (CC) 2015.5 (2016 has not been released) version of the software. Your instructor will point out the minor differences between versions where they exist. For our custom instructor-led online and onsite classes, we use the version of the software you use in your office.

  1. Get familiar with the After Effects CC work area.
  2. Learn to create and understand Comps.
  3. Learn to work with Keyframes.
  4. Learn Layers, Effects, and Modes.
  5. Learn to work with Masks and Mattes.
  6. Learn to import and edit text.
  7. Learn about type.
  8. Learn to work with groups of objects using Parenting and Nesting.
  1. Exploring the After Effects Landscape
    1. Project Structure
    2. Main Application Window
    3. Tools Panel and Project Panel
    4. Importing Footage
    5. Footage Panel
    6. Transparency and Alpha channels
    7. Composition Panel
    8. Timeline Panel
    9. Layer Panel
    10. Info, Preview, and Audio Panels
    11. Effects and Presets, Effect Controls, and Other Panels
    12. Workspaces and Stacked Panels
    13. Previewing
    14. Work Areas
    15. Preview Behaviors
  2. Basic Animation
    1. Composition Basics
    2. Starting a Project and Creating Folders
    3. Importing Footage; Alpha Channels
    4. Creating a New Composition
    5. Adding Layers to the Comp Panel
    6. Changing Property Values
    7. Animating Position; the Motion Path
    8. Previewing the Animation
    9. Navigating between Keyframes
    10. Managing the Comp View
    11. Applying Easy Ease In
    12. Adding the Foreground Layers
    13. Duplicating and Replacing Layers
    14. More Precise Placement; Snapping and Grids
    15. Adding Solid Layers
    16. Applying, Copying, and Pasting Effects
    17. Dragging Footage to the Timeline Panel
    18. Editing Motion Paths; Spatial Keyframe Types
    19. Animating Scale
    20. Animating Rotation; Animating Opacity
    21. Rendering
    22. Importing Layered Photoshop and Illustrator Files
  3. Advanced Animation
    1. Keyframe Basics
    2. Anchor Point Overview
    3. Anchor Point Tool
    4. Motion Control Moves
    5. Graph Editor
    6. Speed versus Value Graphs
    7. Panning and Zooming Time
    8. Editing Graph Curves
    9. Easing Animations
    10. Improving the Timing; Graph Editor Sets
    11. Separate Dimensions
    12. Motion Sketch
    13. Smoothing Keyframes
    14. Auto-Orient
    15. Motion Blur
    16. Roving Keyframes
    17. Time-reverse Keyframes
    18. Hold Keyframes
    19. Time and Display Timecode
  4. Editing Layers and Effects
    1. Layers and Stacing Order
    2. Moving Layers in Time
    3. Trimming Layers
    4. Trimming in the Layer and Footage Panels
    5. Slip Editing
    6. Sequence Layers Keyframe Assistant
    7. Looping Footage
    8. Image Sequences
    9. Changing the Frame Rate
    10. Applying Effects
    11. Blending Modes
    12. Effects and Solids
    13. Effect Motion Paths
    14. Effects and Presets Panel; Searching for Effects
    15. Animation Presets
    16. Behavior Presets
    17. Layer Styles
    18. Adjustment Layers
    19. Filmic Glow Trick
    20. Property Links with Effects
    21. Third-party Effects
    22. Higher Quality Scaling
  5. Creating Transparency
    1. Masking Tools; Creating Mask Shapes
    2. Free Transform Points
    3. Masking in the Layer Panel; Ellipse Tool
    4. Mask Feather
    5. Animating a Mask Path
    6. Creating a Vignette; Mask Expansion
    7. Masking with the Pen Tool
    8. Effecting a Masked Area
    9. Mask Path Interpolation; First Vertex
    10. Mask Interpolation Keyframe Assistant
    11. Effects that Can Use the Mask Path; Scribble Effect
    12. Mask Modes and Multiple Masks
    13. Mask Opacity
    14. Creating and Editing RotoBezier Masks
    15. Audio Spectrum Effect
    16. Rigid Mask Tracker
    17. Face Tracking
    18. Variable Mask Feathering
    19. Alpha Track matte
    20. Nesting a Track matte Composite
    21. Luma Track Matte
    22. Stencil Luma and Stencil Alpha
    23. Color Keying; Keylight; Greenscreen
    24. Key Cleaner and Advanced Spill Suppressor
    25. Effects with Track Mattes and Stencils
  6. Type and Music
    1. Creating Basic Text
    2. Creating Text Animators; Range Selectors
    3. Animating Text Position
    4. Animating Text Rotation and Opacity
    5. Randomizing the Order of Characters
    6. Creating Cascading Text; Working with Selection Shapes
    7. Setting the Text Anchor Point
    8. Animating by Words
    9. Title Safe Areas
    10. Animating Text Blur and Tracking
    11. Text on a Path
    12. Per-character 3D Animators
    13. Ease Low and Ease High
    14. Adding the Wiggly Selector
    15. Rendering with an Alpha Channel
    16. Multiple Selectors and Animators
    17. Using Text Animation as Presets
    18. Editing Photoshop Text Layers
    19. Adding Audio to a Comp
    20. Spotting Audio; Using Layer and Comp Markers
    21. Mixing and Enhancing Audio
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Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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Students rated our Introduction to After Effects Creative Cloud (CC) Training trainers 10.00 out of 10 based on 3 reviews

After 35 years in television, Webucator proved to me that it IS possible to teach an old dog new tricks!

Tommy Evans, Discover Oklahoma-Oklahoma Tourism Recreation Department

I was surprised by how simple it was to join the class and interact even though we were in different locations. I learned as well or better than I would have in person.

Joy Brown, The Ohio State University
Columbus OH

An effective mix of the material necessary to pass the exam with the perspective of real-world application.

Sean Raich, The Army and Air Force Exchange Service
Dallas TX

Wonderful. The trainer was a joy. She was personable, friendly, and a dream to work with. I loved how hands-on this class was.

Jennifer Smith, Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc.
Pittsburgh PA

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