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In this Advanced After Effects CS6 training class, students will learn advanced-level features of the program.

  1. Learn about grouping layers to make them easier to coordinate.
  2. Learn to use expressions.
  3. Learn to add a new dimension to your animations.
  4. Learn essential skills for creating special effects.
  5. Explore paint, roto brush, and puppet tools.
  6. Learn about creating, animating, and extruding vector-based shapes.
  1. Parenting and Nesting
    1. Parenting, Nesting, and Expressions Defined
    2. Assigning a Parent
    3. Parenting, Opacity, and Effects
    4. Parenting with Null Objects
    5. Nesting to Group Layers; Using guides
    6. Editing Precomps
    7. Navigating Composition Hierarchies
    8. Nesting a Common Source
    9. Sizing Precomps
    10. ETLAT (Edit This, Look At That)
    11. Precomposing a Group of Layers
    12. Precomposing a Single Layer
    13. Render Order Explained
    14. Splitting Work between Comps
    15. Precompose Options Compared
    16. Using Precomposing to Reorder
    17. Continuous Rasterization
    18. Collapsing Transformations
    19. Compound Effects
  2. Expressions and Time Games
    1. Using the Pick Whip to Create Expressions
    2. Altering Expressions
    3. Stabilizing Shadows
    4. Matching Value Ranges (The Linear Expression)
    5. Looping Keyframes
    6. Expression Tips
    7. The Wiggle Expression
    8. Expression Controllers
    9. Keyframing the Wiggle Expression
    10. Creating a Master Controller with a Null Object
    11. Converting Sound to Keyframes
    12. Frame Blending
    13. Pixel Motion
    14. Stop Motion Tricks
    15. Preserve Frame Rate
    16. Creating Key Frames
    17. Time Remapping
  3. 3D Space
    1. Enabling Layers for 3D
    2. Moving and Rotating Layers in 3D Space
    3. Multiplaning Effects
    4. 3D Motion Paths
    5. Multiple Views
    6. Adding a Camera; Camera Settings
    7. Using the Camera Tools; 3D Views
    8. Moving and Animating Cameras
    9. Building a Camera Rig
    10. Layer and Camera Auto-orientation
    11. Camera Depth of Field Blur
    12. 3D Lights
    13. Casting Shadows
    14. Light Falloff; Material Options
    15. Ray-traced 3D Renderer (New in CS6)
    16. Extrusion and Beveling
    17. Bending Footage Layers
    18. Transparency; Index of Refraction
    19. Reflections
    20. Environment Layers
    21. Ray-tracer Image Quality
    22. Fast Previews
  4. Track and Key
    1. Tracking Overview
    2. Warp Stabilizer
    3. Point-based Tracking and Stabilization
    4. Creating Track Points
    5. Applying Stabilization
    6. Fixing Bad Tracks
    7. 2D Motion Tracking
    8. Applying a Motion Track
    9. Tracking Interlaced Footage
    10. Radio Waves Effect
    11. Applying Tracks to Effect Points
    12. Planar Tracking with Mocha AE
    13. Pasting the Mocha Track into After Effects
    14. Bezier Warp Effect
    15. 3D Camera Tracker (New in CS6)
    16. Defining the Plane; Moving the Target
    17. Creating a Track Null; Parenting
    18. Adding 3D Text and a Shadow Catcher
    19. Stabilizing Position, Rotation, and Scale
    20. Keying Using the Keylight Effect
    21. Creating Garbage mattes
    22. Rolling Shutter Repair (New in CS6)
  5. Paint, Roto, and Puppet
    1. Basic Painting
    2. Erasing Strokes
    3. Paint Channels
    4. Paint Blending Modes
    5. Brush Duration Bar
    6. Animating Strokes
    7. Revealing a Layer
    8. Creating Organics Textures
    9. Tablet Settings
    10. Cloning
    11. Transforming Strokes
    12. Basic Roto Brush
    13. Roto Brush Workflow; The Base Frame
    14. Propagating Strokes
    15. Corrective Strokes
    16. Refining the Matte
    17. Puppet Pin Tool
    18. Animating Puppet Pins
    19. Puppet Overlap Tool
    20. Recoding Puppet Animation
    21. Puppet Starch Tool
    22. Multiple Shapes
  6. Shape Layers
    1. Creating a Shape Layer
    2. Stroke and Fill Settings, Editing Shapes
    3. Multiple Shapes
    4. Even-Odd Fill
    5. Shape Effects
    6. Creating Buttons
    7. Shape Repeater
    8. Compound Shapes; Merge Paths
    9. Gradients
    10. Shape Pen Paths
    11. Wiggle Tranforms
    12. Advanced Strokes
    13. Dashes and Gaps
    14. Animating a Stroke
    15. Create Shapes from Vector Layers (New in CS6)
    16. Extruding Shape Layers (New in CS6)
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this After Effects class:

  • Basic knowledge of After Effects.
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This course was definitely worth the investment of time and money. If my experience is any indication of Webucator's attention to quality, knowledgeable instructors and top-notch customer service, they can definitely expect me to return for all of my professional learning and refresher courses. Webucator is at the top of my list!

William Vicens, Town of Oro Valley
Marana AZ

In addition to a very knowledge instructor that could teach effectively, I really liked the technology used. In my experiences with web training, this by far was the superior technology and made it really easy to follow along, share code/notes/screen. The outline and what was covered was exactly what I needed. This by far was one of the best training courses I have had.

Jeffrey Moreau, Brookdale Senior Living
Milwaukee WI

Well worth the money.

James Corrigan, Whitsons
islandia NY

I always enjoy taking technical training courses with Webucator. I've always been very satisfied with the results. The instructors have solid knowledge of what they're teaching and they have high degree of professionalism that they always show to their students.

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