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Microsoft Outlook 2013 Training

This course has been replaced by
Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Although the outline and schedule below reflect this change,
please go to the new course page.

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Class Description

Class Overview

This Microsoft Outlook training class introduces the 2013 interface and gets students up and running quickly working with messages, calendars, and contacts.

Target Audience: Students who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Outlook 2013 or more experienced Word users who want to learn the topics covered in this course in the 2013 interface.

Class Goals

  • Learn about the new features in Outlook
  • Learn about the Ribbon, Tabs, Groups, and Commands.
  • Explore the Backstage View.
  • Set up accounts and work with messages.
  • Work with calendars and contacts.

Class Outline

  1. The Outlook Interface
    1. Overview of the Outlook Interface Including New Features
      1. Preview Messages in Message List
      2. All/Unread Feature
      3. Quickly Switch between Elements
    2. The Ribbon
    3. Tabs, Groups, and Commands on the Ribbon
    4. The Backstage View (File Menu)
  2. Performing Popular Tasks in Outlook
    1. Set up an Email Account
    2. Open Email Messages
    3. Reply to and Forward Email Messages Including New Features
    4. Preview and Save an Attachment
      1. Messages in Alternate Formats
    5. Print a Message
    6. Delete a Message
    7. Customize the Navigation Pane
  3. Working with Messages
    1. Compose a Message
      1. Quick Parts
      2. Request Read Receipt
      3. Redirect Replies
      4. Delegate Access
    2. Add an Attachment
      1. Attachment Reminder
    3. Check Spelling and Grammar
    4. Use Microsoft Word to Edit Messages
    5. Insert a Hyperlink or Image in a Message
    6. Send a Message
  4. Working with the Calendar
    1. Change Your Calendar View
      1. Add Time Zones
    2. Work with Your Calendar
      1. Set Item Importance
      2. Forward Items
      3. Configure Reminders
    3. Your Local Weather Forecast (new feature)
    4. Set Up Workday Times
    5. Print Your Schedule
    6. Delete Your Calendar
    7. Schedule a Meeting
      1. Share Meeting Motes
      2. Set Up as Recurring
      3. Create from Messages
      4. Categorizing
      5. Scheduling Assistant
      6. Changing Availability
      7. Scheduling Resources
      8. Room Finder
    8. Make Updates to Meetings
      1. Searching Calendar
      2. Cancel a Meeting
      3. Reply to a Meeting Invitation
      4. Schedule an Appointment
      5. Overlaying Calendars
      6. Make Updates to an Appointment
      7. Create Calendar Groups
  5. Organizing Contacts
    1. Add, Delete, and Import Contacts
      1. People Card (new feature)
      2. Add an Image
      3. Add a Tag
    2. Print a Contact
    3. Update a Contact
    4. Share Contacts
    5. Locate a Contact
    6. Sort Contacts
    7. Working with Contact Groups
      1. Adding Contacts to Existing Groups
      2. Adding Notes to a Group
      3. Updating Contacts within Groups
      4. Deleting Groups and Deleting Group Members
      5. Managing Multiple Address Books
    8. Perform a Mail Merge

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Class Materials

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Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following areas is required:

  • Familiarity with using a personal computer, mouse, and keyboard.
  • Comfortable in the Windows environment.

Technical Requirements

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