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Motivation Training

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Class Description

Class Overview

In this motivation training course students will discuss the foundations of motivation. They will examine motivating and demotivating factors as well as negative thoughts. They will also discuss motivation theories and the benefits of motivation. Students will examine the concept of having a Positive Mental Attitude, and how they can work towards a PMA in their lives. During this course, students examine in detail the fundamentals of the core four known as good health, life-long learning, effective communication, and good organization skills. Finally, students will discuss the motivation process and how they can work towards reaching their peak performance.

Class Goals

  • Learn about the foundations of motivation.
  • Learn about motivating and demotivating factors.
  • Learn about motivation theories.
  • Learn the benefits of motivation.
  • Learn to work towards a Positive Mental Attitude.
  • Learn to overcome your fears.
  • Learn about the Core Four: good health, life-long learning, effective communication, and good organization skills.

Class Outline

  1. Basics of motivation
    1. Overview of motivation
    2. Overview of the motivation process
  2. Positive mental attitude
    1. Self-confidence
    2. Overcoming your fears
    3. Perception and reality
  3. The Core Four
    1. Health
    2. Competence
    3. Relationships
    4. Organization
  4. The motivation process
    1. Identify and plan
    2. Implement and evaluate
  5. Using what you've learned
    1. The implementation phase
    2. Resources and reading suggestions

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