Tips on Passing Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam

I recently found myself interested in becoming “certified” in Google Analytics, and low and behold, there is a Google certification: Google Analytics Individual Qualification. Beyond being great proof that you understand the workings of Google Analytics, it’s a great way to increase your knowledge of GA. I just passed recently, so I wanted to offer some thoughts and key resources that really helped me in the preparation process.If you’re very familar with Google Analytics, this exam should not be that hard, but going through some of the key topics I will share below will be a great refresher. If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics, I would recommend our Introduction to Google Analytics class and our Advanced Google Analytics class.

Tips for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam

  • You have 90-minutes to take the test, but you can pause it at anytime (I’m not sure how many times you’re allowed) and you can save your answers and come back anytime to finish within 5-days.
  • You can “mark” any questions you’re not positive with the answer, and then go back through these before you submit your results.
  • Some questions are pretty easy, so quickly go through those. I say that because they mix in a lot of “chose all that apply” questions that will take some time to digest and consider the best possible answers.

I think your best bet for a first step in preparing for the exam is to check out Google’s Conversion University. While I believe all tests are somewhat different, I feel these lessons below had the most associated questions for my test. After reading through some other blogs online, I think most others feel the same way.

Now, after you’ve gone through those lessons, here are two key resources!

  • Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics by Brian Clifton. This book provides a very comprehensive overview that offers great insight into Google Analtics. Tip: Have the book available during your test and use the Index as needed, to search for answers.
  • Jens Sorensen’s Blog. This is a great overview of additional thoughts on the exam. Tip: Make sure you pay a lot of attention to the suggestions in the During the GAIQ test section! Those links were a huge help for me.

So, those are the basics I used to prepare. I devoted a few hours per day over a three-day period to review the information I laid out above.

Good luck! Once you pass, you’ll get a nice little certificate to share, and you’ll be able to use this image!

If you have any questions or I can help offer any additional feedback, just leave a comment below. And, let me know if you ended up passing the exam as well!

Next up for me, the Google AdWords Certification 🙂 . Stay tuned for tips on these exams as well!

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