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Testing on old versions of Internet Explorer can be a pain. I have used IE Tester a lot and it used to do a pretty good job, but lately it has been having trouble with IE7 and IE8.

One of my colleagues recently told me about these Virtual PC images provided by Microsoft explicitly for testing web pages on older versions of Internet Explorer. I downloaded and installed XPSP3-IE6.EXE, XPSP3-IE7.EXE, and XPSP3-IE8.EXE .

I didn’t want to have to move files from my main machine to each of the VMs every time I need to test, so I tried to map a drive to a shared folder. But that didn’t work. The correct way (at least the way that worked for me) is to enable Integration Services. It took a while to figure out just how to do that, but I finally got it working. As the VMs time out and need to be reinstalled every few months, I knew I’d have to go through this process again, so I figured I’d document it. Here’s the way I did it:

  1. Set the Password for IE User in Computer Management:
  2. Select Enable Integration Services from the Tools menu.
  3. If prompted to Download Updates, download and run them.
  4. You’ll be prompted to restart. Do so.
  5. Again, select Enable Integration Services from the Tools menu.
  6. Select Settings from the Tools menu.
  7. Click on Integration Services in the left panel. Make sure the drive containing the files you want to test is checked.
  8. Close and Reopen Virtual PC and log into Windows. You should now see the drive available in your Computer folder.

I hope this helps make the process easier for someone else (and for me when I need to go through it again).

Happy testing!

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