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One of the things I really like in Microsoft Office 2010 is the redesigned Print tab in the Backstage view. In Word 2010, the new view combines the Print dialog, the most common Page Setup elements, and Print Preview. Let’s take a look at some of the options Word 2010 provides:

Printing and Print Preview in Microsoft Word 2010

To go to Word 2010’s Print view:

  1. Click the File tab
  2. Click the Print tab


  1. Press Ctrl-P

Word 2010 Print Options


om here, you can do pretty much anything you want related to printing your Word document or managing the document properties. When I start up Word 2010, my Print tab defaults are as follows:

Defaults What you can change with the drop down
Printer What printer you want to use. You can also send to OneNote, or print to a file.
Print All Pages What you print: all pages, the current page, a range of pages, or if text is selected, the selected text. Also various properties: including styles used, AutoText entries, and any custom key assignments you’ve made.
Print One Sided Whether you print single sided or duplex (two sided).
Collated Whether or not the sheets are printed in order or not.
Portrait Orientation The orientation of the document.
Letter The paper size.
Office 2003 Default Margins Preset margins, or custom margins.
1 Page Per Sheet How many pages per sheet you print, up to 16.

Print Preview

The Print Preview area gives you page navigation buttons (you can also use the scroll bar to m

ove through pages), the zoom slider, and a Zoom to Page button to the right of the slider. This resizes the page to the preview area if you’ve been zooming around. If you really miss the Word 2007 version of Print Preview, you can add it to your Quick Access Toolbar.

  1. Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button
  2. Select More Commands…
  3. In the Choose commands from: drop down, select File Tab
  4. Scroll down and select Print Preview Edit Mode
  5. Click Add
  6. Click OK

Printing in Word 2010 is covered in our new Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010 class. You can also hear about our latest Office blogs, classes, and webinars by signing up for our newsletter.

68 Responses to “Printing and Print Preview in Microsoft Word 2010”

  1. Thanks so much for this great tip! I’m sure the Microsoft Word page on Facebook would appreciate learning about it as well. You can share it with them at http://www.facebook.com/MicrosoftWord.

    Microsoft Office Outreach

  2. I would also say that it is easier to play with portrait and landscape orientation as in MS Word 2002.

    Here, you can do all of your settings directly in one screen while in ms word 2002 you had to use page setup instead.

  3. By removing the full-screen print preview, there is now no easy way to do a proper side-by-side view of facing pages. Both Print-layout view and Full-screen reading view incorrectly handles facing pages, and the new in-print-dialog version of print preview is too small to check facing pages layout. Dreadful!

  4. I have a 596 page, 277 MB technical report with photos and circles & arrrows. I wanted to print pages 1-14. I went to “Print” selected my printer, selected Custom Page Range, and tried to input the pages. It won’t let me input the range. I thought it was because WORD was Print Previewing all 596 pages that took 12-1/2 mintutes to accomplish. It just will not let me put in P1S1-P14S3.
    What a piece of **** program!!

  5. I have the same problem!! I have a mail merge file with 161 pages. I wanted to print the page range of 1-3 and it kept trying to print all the pages. Then it kept telling the print margins were wrong. WTF?? If i copied the page onto another document it prints just fine. Is the file too big or something?

  6. [...] had a couple of comments regarding my recent post, Printing and Print Preview in Microsoft Word 2010. I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about the finer (possibly more obscure) points of [...]

  7. I agree with Peter on the preview screen issues. I always use the full screen preview to see 2 or 4 pages to confirm facing page settings, page breaks, and header/footer changes, etc. I am now wasting paper and ink since I have to “preview” on paper again.

    I spent 3 hours updating 4 word docs that in 2003 would have taken me 30 minutes. And they call this progress?

  8. I have the same problem that printing a custom range prints all pages. I ended up wasting 10 pages of label paper.

    Any solutions?

  9. Print Preview does not match print.

    I filled the background of an MS word document with a single image of clouds.

    The document looks perfect in Print Preview.

    Alas, it prints, on two different printers many multiples small copies of the background picture.

    If found no way of rectifying the situation.

  10. Does anyone know how to poster print in Word 2010? Example, take a one page document and print it as 9 pages that you can glue together?

    Thank You!

  11. I have a Word document created in a ‘legal’ size format (8.5″ x 14″). To take a copy with me, I like to print it on regular 8.5″ x 11″ size paper so I don’t have to have or handle legal size paper. In 2007, all I’d do is tell it to fit to letter-size on the ‘print’ screen and it would do it – no problem at all. With 2010, I can’t figure out how to get it to do this. I’ve tried all the options and no matter what I do, the preview won’t change to ‘fit’ it onto a landscaped-oriented letter-sized piece of paper. Instead, it just cuts off the words on the right hand side of the document and prints it the same way. Anyone know what to do?

  12. Good question, Bruce. Go to the Print Options on the File tab, and select the last option (usually it shows 1 Page Per Sheet). If you open this drop down, the last option is Scale to Paper Size. You can then select Letter Size for your scaling. Just be sure to reset it to No Scaling when you’re done. Hope this helps.

  13. Wow! The 2010 print preview with page setup drove me crazy! I could not properly proof my pages with that little space on the right it gives you. Thanks for your tip, now I can view my print preview just like on the 2007 version.

  14. Progress? What progress? Almost everything takes more clicks to achieve!
    Where is a quick access to print dialogue without needing to go trough the evil File tab (slow)???
    I don’t want “Quick print” because I just need to select a different printer and/ or select duplex mode, etc, previous Word:
    1 Click on customized icon to bring up print dialogue (quickly)
    1 Click to select printer or change settings
    1 click “OK to print” (or double click on printer to print on previous step!)

    1 Click on File tab
    1 click on print tab
    (Another wait, .. OK I could go to this point with CTRL+P but I would need to move my hand away from the mouse therefore I don’t use this shortcut very often)
    1 click on drop down
    1 click to select printer
    1 click to bring up printer dialog to change setting (i.e. duplex)
    1 (FINALLY!) click to print

    (Still thanks for you tutorial, this rage is targeted at MS)

  15. Thanks for this. Its really very helpful as I use it always. That’s why i was surprise that i cant do it with excel 2010, till i read this. Thanks :-)

  16. Hey Markus,
    Thanks for your remarks. I understand not wanting to spend too much time in click-click-click land. I was going to suggest you give yourself a nice “left handed” short cut (I assume you’re right handed) but there is at least one predefined shortcut that’s the equivalent: CTRL+F2 (i.e. hold down the control key and press the F2 key). It’s the same as CTRL+P.

  17. Does anyone know how to invert a page before printing? I need to print an iron-on transfer, but I cant find the icon to invert the image. I used to do it all the time on the other editions.

  18. I’ve been a long-time Word user. While I appreciate some of the improvements, like the style gallery, Word is definitely more tedious and clogged. I totally agree with Markus above. The tasks that used to take a few simple have been turned into cumbersome climbs up the mountains of options. Not impressed, MS. I thought that Windows 7 and Office 2010 were supposed to keep the good and dispense with the bad. Hope the next version lets us cut through the clutter faster. I miss the simplicity of Word 2003.

    FYI, I kept a list of the 2003 keyboard shortcuts. Many of them still work, like Alt A I A to insert a row above. Nice.

  19. Does anyone know how to poster print in Word 2010? Example, take a one page document and print it as 9 pages that you can glue together?

    Thank You!

  20. I’m also trying to print a specific range of pages to a pdf printer but the select pages option is greyed out. PLEASE bring back the old printer interface before I go crazy!

  21. Is there a staple option in the print options?

  22. I agree with Marcus, it’s not handy at all and it does need way more clicks than before.

    Besides that I have the same problem with printing just a few pages out of a large file of 200+ pages.

    NO progress at all, NOT quicker either

  23. Just upgraded to Office 2010. I do not like the print preview option via cntrl-p. Much prefer to go directly to the printer–what is the purpose of a short-cut if I need an addition step to print a document?

  24. I am working on a large document with several bookmarks and styles. I have a chapter title set to Heading 1 that shows perfectly on the screen and the print preview. However, Word does not print the title. It prints just the number in front of it and leaves the title blank. Though similar, it prints the titles of some other chapters. Do you know what the reason(s) could be?
    Thank you.

  25. Sorry, but I’m not sure what would be causing that. It sounds like a bug. Have you tried deleting and reentering the heading?

  26. The print won’t work! It keeps asking me whenever I go to print it to save some kind of (*.xps) file, and even if I do save this stupid thing, NOTHING HAPPENS. I just wasted my time trying to print it.

  27. The first thing that I would check would be to see what is your default printer. This can be found under printers. Be sure to make the printer that you want to use to be the default. Now when you are on the File Tab, check the named printer; you may have to click on the drop down and choose the correct printer. The other thing that I might check is to see that the document was saved as a Word document, not a text document. Please let me know if these things don’t correct that problem.

  28. How about a shortcut for my quick access toolbar that will let me print current page without all those clicks?

  29. @Melinda – you can record a macro to print current page and then add the macro to your quick access toolbar. You might have to set the Developer tab to show on your toolbar first before you can access the option to record macro.

  30. We have encountered a massive problem with Print. We installed Office 2010 Professional Plus and in Word, and Word only, it will not let the printer, Konica-Minolta Biz Hub Pro 500 – this is a high end production printer, control the duplexing. There are no updated drivers from either Fiery or K-M to Office 2010. How do we turn that feature off in Word? This is a dedicated printer not on a network. Dr. B.

  31. I honestly am not sure of why if your printer works with the other software packages in Office 2010, why it will not work with Word 2010. At this point, my suggestion would be to go into the Print dialog box of Word 2010 (File tab and Print) and check the Printer Properties link. It may be that the default printer is not set to be your new printer. Perhaps, by accident it was changed to a different printer. If you want to not print using that printer and Word, simply change the default printer to a generic printer to see if that might help. Please let me know if it does.

  32. Can you print with black cartridge only? Not color. Why isn’t this option in the print tab?

  33. Yes, you can print only using black. Once you are on the File/Print (Backstage) you need to click on Printer Properties. When that dialog box comes up, Go to the Paper/Quality tab and in the lower right corner, click on the Advanced command button. When you are in the Advanced Options dialog box, you should see Printer Features (you may have to click on the plus sign to the left of the name to expand) and see what is listed below that. On my printer, I have the option to print in Grayscale which is set to off, but if I click the Off button, I have a drop down arrow and one of the options is to print using Black Ink Only.

    Each printer may have a different order where they put print in black only so you may have to look around but it is always available somewhere in Printer Properties.

  34. I have a document that fills most of a page and it looks fine in print preview. But when I print I get extra space at the top of the page (the margins are wrong). It’s a fairly new printer and I just re-installed the latest HP driver. This is for my default printer, and the one I am previewing. I can’t find any way to make what’s printed actually match print preview. Garbage!

  35. I have a poster that I made on A4 paper I want to rezize it so that there are 4 copies on an A4 piece of paper. I have clicked on 4 copies per page but the print preview image on the right hand side does not change. It is a colour poster and with the price of ink I am reluctant to keep printing to try and get it right. How do I do this?

  36. One suggestion that I have is to insert your image and then using the Picture Tools Format Contextual Ribbon, at the far right, you can type in the size that you want. I would insert the image, then size it to the size that I want using typed numbers. Once I have the size that I think that would work, I would then duplicate the image by using the keystroke of CTRL + D.

    Hope that this helps.

  37. Pete,

    Have you tried setting the margins using the Page Setup Dialog box. You can actually type in the margin width that you want to use. If you have an inkjet printer, the 0.5 margin prints; If you have a lazer printer, the 0.25 margin prints well.

    Hope that this helps.


  38. Hello Nance, I just followed the discussion above. CTRL-P does not work at all for me in Word 2010 (under Win 7 Home). CTRL-F2 does work, however (to bring up the Print Preview/Print page).

    I tried to assign CTRL-P to the FilePrintDefault command in the Keyboard Shortcuts customization dialog, but no joy: it simply would not accept CTRL+P as an assigned keyboard shortcut (nothing happened when I input CTRL and P, so the “Assign” button stayed greyed out). It would accept ALT+CTRL+P, for example, but not CTRL-P, I suspect because it is already assigned – but does not actually work.

    I’m annpoyed about this because I have always used CTRL-P for printing in most programs and it’s a bummer to have to remember a different shortcut like CTRL+F2.

    Any ideas? I do not want to have to reinstall, but right now I am thinking of reverting to Office XP! (There are many other retrograde annoyances in Word 2010, like the inability to insert “page 1 of N” directly).

    best wishes, Richard

  39. Hi Richard,

    Have you thought about adding the Quick Print to the Access Shortcut menu that is in the upper left corner (default installation). If you click on the drop-down arrow, from the existing list, you can click on Quick Print and that takes you immediately to the Printer window where you can just click print. Same place that the CTRL + P did. Always available if you add to the Quick Access Toolbar. There are other buttons that you can add that will make your easier too. Try it out and let me know.


  40. Yes, thank you, I have put Quick Print into the Quick Access Toolbar. It’s a good solution… even though it involves the mouse rather than a keyboard shortcut, and I am one of those good old keyboard shortcuts men (or dinosaurs) who originally came to Word from programs like Wordstar (early 1990s)!

    I am just a bit curious as to why CTRL+P no longer works for me in Word 2010… but really, life is too short to spend time getting to the bottom of these things. I’ve seeen some suggestions that a renaming of the Normal template (and thus provoking Office 2010 to regenerate it) may work to correct this, but of course that means losing any customizations made to the Normal template.

    Thanks for your help

  41. How do I exit Print Preview back to edit without printing?

    I have just come on stream with this new Office Professional 2010 package and my initial reaction is I am not impressed.
    Admittedly I have not gone through all instructions but expected a lot more familiarity with previous Word.
    I am a trained word processing operator in Word with high typing speed and there lies the problem. I should only be touching the mouse very rarely.
    I expected the same functions with lots of additions in this package.
    Time will tell.


  42. Hi Joyce,

    Once you are in Print Preview if you press the ESC key on the keyboard, it will return right back into your document. Most of the previous keystrokes that you used in earlier versions of Word should still work in Word 2010.

    Hopes that this makes it easier for you.


  43. Venkat Iyer, I’ve been having the same problem. All text formatted as Heading 1 shows in print preview but doesn’t print. I was sure it wasn’t a printer problem because it also doesn’t print to Microsoft’s XPS document writer. Anyway, after a bunch of testing I discovered the problem appears to be Kerning. Select your text, go into Font Properties, Advanced tab, and uncheck Kerning for fonts. If that works for you, don’t forget to also modify your Heading 1 style to not use Kerning.

  44. Thanks Misha. It was driving me crazy with a colleague’s XP computer and Word 2010. Mine is Windows 7 with same Word 2010 version, has the kerning activated and works perfectly with same font syles from corporate templates. Strange… At least we found the solution for that specific computer. Thumbs up for you!

  45. I have received a document that must be printed out with the version date showing. The version date is apparently outside the margins and do not print.
    It is a very wide, busy doc from the originator. Is there anyway to shrink it or adjust it to make it fit.
    This is driving me crazy and I have to have these docs. to do business.

  46. I skimmed the discussion above, so if I missed this problem, my apologies. How can I get my print macros to work without changing the page setup? For example, we have plain white paper in one tray and bond paper in another. I have macros set up in a previous Word version (and have tried in 2010) to print all white, all bond, one each, etc. The macros work sometimes, except they change my margins all the time.

  47. The new print preview and some of the other new functions are cool, but why under heaven and earth is the shortcut that used to “Print Current Page” (ALT+E) gone? I used it constantly and now have to click through several screens to just get one page to print, and my repeated attempts to create a macro for the function are fruitless – the macros won’t save. I’ve noticed a lot of other shortcuts have been removed as well. Word is trying so hard to be so helpful and intuitive that it is actually becoming less useful.

  48. I was having difficulty with Heading 1 items showing in print preview but not after printing to PDF or to a printer. the Kerning checkbox was unchecked so I checked it and tried to no avail. I ended up just changing to font (to Segoe UI) and all was well.

  49. In Word 2007 I used to be able to move my graphic left or right, up or down using little arrows. In Word 2010 I cannot find these little buttons to move the graphics anymore. Are they gone? I like to line up my graphics and move in tiny increments, but no longer can do this. Can anyone help?

  50. Thanks a lot!! I was going crazy!!!

  51. Everytime I print a summary sheets prints as well. How do I change that?

  52. Developers and PM’s sometimes we get really really great ideas. Ideas such as hide ‘Print Preview’ in some obscure menu and ask the user to manually enable it. Better yet, make it so the user has to create a custom short cut, ’cause all users know that feature’. I mean, come on users, MS Word has only been around 10 years. Seriously, user’s need to think like developers. Look at all the extra neat things you cannot do now that you could do in the previous version right out of the box. See all the custom setup you have to do now. It’s awesome. It’s about empowering the user.

  53. Word 2010 continually cahnges A4 print size to Letter. I have turned off scalling. Sometimes this may work but only for a short time then the problem reappears. I have even clicked advance, reset A4 paper size, clicked Ok then immediatly gone back into the advance settings to find the paper size has reverted to letter.
    This problem does not accur when I print on the same Brother printer from another network computer which has Word 2007.
    Its time Microsoft owned up ond came up with a fix.
    This is not an isolated problem – just scan the web and see how many others are suffering this problem.

  54. STILL NO SOLUTION? I cannot print a specific page range–MS2010 will only allow me to print the whole document. This is crazy—appreciate some help here please.

  55. In your document, highlight the section that you want first. Then go to the File tab and choose Print. Under the Settings section where it shows Print All Pages, you need to click on the drop down arrow and you should see Print Selection. That should work when you print it.

  56. Weep, weep, weep for word and your desire to have actual improvements and a better working environment. Programmers love to program, not offer solutions.
    If Microsoft were building an automobile, the 2010 version would have wooden wheels and the radiator would be sealed but contain water only, in a below 0 climate
    It is amazing how the techies get on the band wagon extolling the virtues of a dud. The users now have to suffer through 10 years of “improvements ” to get back to a workable version.


  58. Why, why, why so difficult. I follow the directions, but the command “Print Preview Edit Mode” simply doesn’t exist. Is there a special Add-In site that I need to go through. Please help.

  59. This Print Previews simply SUCKS. Half the screen real estate is used up. We users click Print Preview to see what we’re going to print!!!! Now in all the Office Products I can’t see half what I’m trying to print if I enlarge it to a viewable size. AARRRGH

  60. I submitted a college paper that I typed in Word 2010. All of the margins show up as being correct on the screen. However, when it prints on actual paper, the margins are all 1/2 inch too big. I have to make corrections, but nothing is working. How do I get the margins to actually set at the place that I tell them to?

  61. Where/how do I set the print command to staple a document when sending to the network printer. Can’t find it!

  62. It wasn’t broke and I wish they hadn’t fixed it. What is the point of change if it’s only different and not better?

    I have taken back two printers since I installed Word 2010, because they wouldn’t do boarderless printing. Now from what I read on line, the fault is with Word 2010.

    I was using Word 2000 and I was still happy with it, but a new
    computer forced me to upgrade. I wish I had bought a new copy of 2000 on e-Bay.

  63. my computer uses 2007 but its not letting me chage how many pages per sheet effectivly, it thinks one page is four and so when i say i want one page per sheet it prints it out with four! please help, it is due to my professor on monday!

  64. I cant even get my word 1010 to print or copy. In print preview it only previews the last page. When i try to save it to a pdf file it is blank.. I was able to save it to pdf through ring fax which is a program i have to send faxes.
    I am ticked off that i cant print. Next every time i begin typing in word it shows the little paragraph symbol or the symbol that shows each line. I go into view and uncheck it and it comes back with the first letter. Then when trying to print the document it only prints the last page..
    I have no other problem with any other internet programs, other software programs just this stupid word 2010.

  65. Can anyone help with a print problem with embedded Excel charts in WOrd 2010? I size them to fit the full page width and they look fine in print preview, but when it actually prints the charts are much smaller. I’ve tried sizing them by clicking and dragging and also by using the format object menu but still no joy. Any ideas?

  66. No one else has a Print Review page that omits page numbers?

  67. I’m trying to print bold letters in Red on a document, but it prints black. Any ideas how to fix?

  68. Lately, I have encountered a major issue with MSWord 2010. Up until 4 months ago, I was able to paste pictures within a page and able to print the page with the picture exactly where I pasted it. However, I have not been able to do this. The picture wrapping has to be IN LINE WITH THE TEXT. If I change it to a floating picture and move it anywhere on the page or change the wrapping the picture does not show on the Print preview tool and does not print at all. I tried a test protocol this morning and pasted a picture on an exisiting document / page. I pasted the picture in the middle of the page and set the wrapping / position as TOP AND BOTTOM. Not only was the picture not included in the PRINT PREVIEW, when I printed the page, the format of the document / remains the same without the picture. Is this a bug in the program or is it a compatibility program between the HP Wireless (4in1) printer I use? Also The picture I am pasting was scanned from the same printer. I hope you can help me.


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